hh05-2klein.jpg (21903 Byte) Hardfloor SO WHAT?!

After about a decade of groundbreaking and distinctive releases, Hardfloor
is at it again and they do not disappoint.

The title of this album, "So What?"
is an answer to all music critics and all those who expect the
impossible out of this Düsseldorf duo. Hardfloor doesn't care about what
revolutionary or innovative Techno is supposed to be, they're simply doing
their own thing and doing it well.

Although this album is noticably different from the 1999 release "All
Targets Down" it is in every way a product of the Hardfloor heritage and
places most of its emphasis on club-friendly groovy techno Tracks.

The familiar acid lines of the 303 which made Hardfloor international heroes are
a little less evident on "So What", replaced by lush analog basslines which
force you simply to get down. Die-hard Hardfloor fans will also be pleased
by the complex yet funky drum programming.
All in all "So What?!" is simply a floor filler, which was evident at the
album release party on 28th May '00 in Cologne.

Beginning in the early evening and dancing into the small hours of the morning (eventhough it was Monday!) clubgoers were more than eager to show their appreciation
of Ramon Zenker's and Oliver Bondzio's newest effort.        [Hier klicken fuer deutsche Info]